1.For all participants in STK211, MSP233, MSP231, and MSP337 courses will begin TUESDAY, 9 FEBRUARY 2016.

2.Monday, February 8, 2016 NO COURSE AND PRACTICUM. If possible it will be replaced on another day of the same week. Please KOMTI concerned immediately contact the Responsible Person.

3.Participants who are not Attending at the first meeting are considered REVISE (participants who are still hesitant will vote AS FIT first meeting).

4.The first practice for the four courses above will begin in the first week (Schedule and division of the group are announced together with this announcement).

5.This announcement is no longer valid if followed by further announcement of the four courses above.

Bogor, February 3, 2016

Head of MSPi Division

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mennofatria Boer, DEA.