MSP233- Fisheries Biology

Fisheries biology is the study of fish as a resource that can be harvested by humans (economic / non economic). Fish biology studies the life cycle of fish, from birth to death, including: (a) fecundity and reproductive patterns, age at the time of gonad maturity and sex ratio, survival velocity and mortality at life-cycle stages (b) ecological distribution, (c) inter-intra and inter-species interactions, how special environmental interactions will affect other populations / species, (d) the population and the factors that control it, the speed growth and time reaching the average size of various fish, and (e) the effect of catching on population, reproduction and growth.


Dr. Ir. Yon Vitner, M.Si

Dr. Ir. Zairion, M.Sc

Dr. Ir. Isdradjat Setyobudiandi, M.Sc

Dr. Ir. Yunizar Ernawati, M.Si