MSP336- Biology of Fish Population

This course discusses the principles of population genetics and population ecology, and integrates the two disciplines in identifying the population of aquatic biota up to the sub-population level for the purpose of sustainability management of fishery resources. Principles of population genetics discussed include genetic diversity, heterogenicity of alleles and factors that cause alel frequency changes. The ecological aspects of the population discussed include population abundance and distribution, growth, competition. Further discussed also about the genetic and ecological interactions that affect the process of adaptation of the population in the aquatic environment as well as the strategy of managing the diversity of genetic resources.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mennofatria Boer, DEA

Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarwan Soewardi

Dr. Ir. Nurlisa A. Butet, M.Sc

Dr. Ali Mashar, S.Pi, M.Si