Speech of Head of Division

Division of Fishery Resources Management.
MSPi Division focuses on the science of Biology The population is used as a benchmark of the information content, as well as know the character of natural history and fish population, which is needed as a basis to study the characteristics and patterns of biology of fish populations. Population dynamics and fish stocks as a basis for analyzing and / or predicting the magnitude of population changes in addition to predicting the size of the population itself, as well as the trend of changes that occur from and the components that play a role in the dynamics of changes in fish populations. Evaluation of Fishery Resources as an important part that is developed by fish sampling technique, which is appropriate according to the characteristics of the resource, so that data can be obtained that can explain the status of the resources to arrange the steps in the utilization and conservation activities that can be assisted with an appropriate data analysis modeling system.

The existence of this website is expected to assist lecture activities as well as practicum associated with the MSPi Division.


Prof. Dr. Ir. Mennofatria Boer, DEA
​Kepala Divisi MSPi